CFS and Magnesium

“Low intracellular magnesium is a symptom of CFS and a cause of it. This is because 40% of resting energy simply fires sodium/potassium (Na/K) and calcium/magnesium (Ca/Mg) membrane ion pumps. So when energy supply is diminished, there is insufficient energy to fire these pumps, so magnesium cannot be drawn into cells for oxidative phosphorylation to work, so there is a further diminishing of energy supply. This is just one of the many similar vicious cycles in CFS. Sufferers do not simply replete through taking magnesium supplements – although this must be tried! Some need magnesium by injection to get the desired result.” Dr. Sarah Myhill

Oral supplements initially provided great results for my particular situation but my starting point was so low that it was not difficult to create an improvement. I essentially went from feeling horrible whether lying down or moving around to feeling much better when resting. I’m significantly past that phase. But since my improvement has plateaued, I’ll have to up my game.


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