The Wellness Quest provides reliable information for people seeking the highest quality of health possible for mind/body/soul. As a 20+ year veteran of CFS/ME, J. Ruth Kelly, the author of The Wellness Quest blog, has garnered a significant level of awareness of what works in her ongoing health challenges and shares her discoveries here in the hopes of encouraging others to claim responsibility for their own wellness. She has found that a majority of her discoveries are also helpful for many other health challenges. Many of the posts on The Wellness Quest are  focused on general well-being and are not necessarily specific to the CFS/ME struggle.

The Wellness Quest operates on the premise that mind/body/soul desires and needs must be respected, honored and met as wisely and knowledgeably as possible. If you’re in a lousy marriage and eat moon pies every day and cannot figure out why you’re always tired, coming down with colds or otherwise sick, then you need a reality check. While the author of this blog does not believe all illness is caused by a spiritual or soul reality, there are obvious life situations which will wreak havoc on a person’s wellness. With these truths in mind and a desire to continue to learn while sharing any knowledge gleaned thus far, The Wellness Quest is truly a journey of wholeness for the mind/body/soul.

The author, J. Ruth Kelly, does not claim expertise beyond her own personal experience and research. Any information received through The Wellness Quest should be utilized with all possibly relevant considerations and specific regard for your own unique mind/body/soul story. Any significant health differences or possible interactions with any medication, eating program, fitness routine, homeopathic remedies or supplements should be considered and is the sole responsibility of the individual. Use your highly capable best judgement.


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