Sites of Distinction

The following websites and blogs have gained my respect for their ability to dig deep into health, nutrition and wellness issues and especially exhibit a propensity for questioning the status quo.

Empowered Sustenance

All I can say about this gal is WOW. Lauren Geertsen, NTP has learned through tough times and come out of them with a powerhouse of information. Her website clued me into the risks of over-using almond flour in a grain-free eating plan. Since I’m always trying to protect my mitos, her information came to me as a major source of wisdom. We weren’t meant to eat the equivalent of 3 cups of almonds in one sitting or even in two days! Beyond that, her website overflows with great ideas and recipes as well as encouragement to stay on a wellness path.

Des Diethylstilbestrol Journal of a Des Daughter

Quote from Des Diethylstilbestrol:

“Researchers are still uncovering frightening facts about the life-long diethylstilbestrol side effects, including higher rates of breast cancer in DES mothers, reproductive abnormalities in daughters and sons, higher rates of ectopic pregnancy in daughters, and damage to the endocrine and immune systems.

More than 30 years of research have confirmed that diethylstilbestrol is a teratogen: an agent that can cause malformations of an embryo or foetus. It is reported that exposure to synthetic oestrogen during critical stages of child development in the uterus increases the risk of abnormalities which can result in structural, functional, or long-term pathological changes including cancer.”

Des Daughter Network

Quote from Des Daughter Network:

“This blog features and displays the social media networks of existing DES groups and individuals who have an online social media presence aimed at raising DES awareness.  This new blog provides me with an additional platform where I can express myself about DES issues and share my experience of using social media networks to support this cause with others interested in the health and personal problems associated with DES exposure.”


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