R&D vs. Marketing for Cancer Drugs

Ever wonder how much is spent on research and development vs. marketing cancer treatment drugs (NOT that this question validates the current cancer treatment approach!):

“Pharmaceutical companies spend nearly TWICE as much on marketing in the US as they do on R&D! This finding was published in the journal PloS Medicine five years ago in 2008.2 So the tune they keep singing – that they need drug patents and outrageous price tags on their drugs to keep making new medications – is growing quite tired.

Drug companies use patents because it allows them to make more money. On average, Americans pay TWICE the price for the identical drugs compared to other countries. But the fight over patentability and drug prices is really only distracting from the much bigger issue at hand, which is the value of the drugs themselves… or rather, the lack thereof.”

The related article is packed with all kinds of illuminating information on cancer treatment. Check it out here.


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