Race to Obscure

It’s tremendously difficult to conjure any enthusiasm for the Komen “Race for the Cure” propaganda when community members and friends get all fired up. I keep quiet. Here’s why…

“even more troubling than the revelation of their right-wing anti-choice agenda was the realization among many critics that principal sponsors of the Race for the Cure produce or use products that actually cause cancer. A race for the cure might be a way to run away from an honest disclosure of the causes of cancer. A Race for the Cure might just be a Race to Obscure.”


“The national Komen Foundation Partners include American Airlines, BMW, and Ford Motor Company. In an article, “Relationship Between Genetic Damage from PAH in Breast Tissue and Breast Cancer,” F. Perera and others in Carcinogenesis, July 2000, say Polcyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are widespread environmental contaminants that are generated by gasoline and oil combustion and also are found in cigarette smoke and broiled meat. In lab experiments, PAH cause mammary cancer in animals.”

My appetite for b.s. is down to nil these days with so many precious people getting cancer while the vital relevance of causal realities are abandoned in the wake of some glorious campaign.

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