Fat Burning

Dr. Rosedale has some great input on fat and fat burning…

“The energy source we want our bodies to rely on is fat. Our diet is much higher in fat than most diets prescribed today. Unfortunately, many people have a media ― or medical-induced fear of fat. This fear is misguided because society currently lumps fat into one dangerous category without looking at fats for their individual properties. While we are working on spreading the word, it is not yet common knowledge that certain fats in the right amount are good for you.

The fat we recommend you eat differs qualitatively from the usual fare of vegetable oils. Those foods usually contain damaging fats.  We recommend only what we consider “good” fats.

Remember that fat has always been and always will be essential for life. We need fat to nourish our immune system, nervous system, hormonal system, for skin integrity, to control inflammatory processes and don’t forget, to burn for energy.

Some examples of “good” fats include: raw nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, pine and macadamia, olives and olive oil and especially coconut oil and ghee. Fish, cod liver, and flax oil are great to supplement with but should not be used in cooked foods.”

Read more: http://drrosedale.com/healthplan.htm#ixzz2RCVyTtOP


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